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About Us

Hi Beauties,

My Name is Beverly Pesony and I am the owner of STIL Boutique + Beauty Inc in North Battleford. I am a mom of 3 ages 12, 5 and 2 and they keep me very busy! I have an amazing husband who supports this journey and even helps out in store when he can. I love everything to do with getting dressed and ready in the mornings. I have a passion for fashion as well as anything beauty related. I also am a lover of fitness and a good workout is my therapy... next to retail therapy;)

I opened STIL in March of 2018 in my hometown of North Battleford, SK. It has been an amazing experience and we have had many truly supportive people help us along the way. I am so grateful to the community who has embraced the new STIL. 

I am passionate about women and helping women to feel amazing each day in what they have on. I go back to the time after having my 2nd child and how for months I just stayed in sweatpants (not the cute kind) and a ponytail and barely wore any make-up. I felt so blahhh that just wasn't me so I decided even if I wasn't going to leave the house I would get up put on something that made me feel good and do my hair a little and throw on some makeup. I instantly felt better, I wanted to go out more and overall a little more confident. It wasn't the make-up or the clothes really it is about taking care of yourself and making you the best you every day! 

I am a busy mom but I love to still look cute and put together each day and I hope to help each woman find outfits that they can easily and simply put on and feel amazing in. STIL is about helping women find clothing that makes them feel amazing and confident so they can show up each day with their best self!  I love connecting with our customers.





We Guarantee You'll Love Your Purchase!

We Guarantee You'll Love Your Purchase!

Thank you for #ShoppingLocal

Thank you for #ShoppingLocal